Fuinjutsu Shiki Fujin

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[animated] Fuinjutsu Shiki Fujin

Uploaded by Timo | December 4, 2020 NSAW_sfx_fuinjutsu_shiki_fujin.rar (0.64 MB)

This is a SFX of Sarutobi from his jutsu “Fuinjutsu Shiki Fujin” for Warcraft 3 and can be used as a spell sfx.
This model is unanimated and prepared to be imported into any kind of map.


- Model made by:  
- Textures made by:  
- Animations made by:  
Fuinjutsu Shiki Fujin    
Fuinjutsu Shiki Fujin    
Fuinjutsu Shiki Fujin    
* please note that the credits could be wrong. if thats the case please contact me!
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