January 28, 2020
Downloads: 833

This is a playable but unfinished version with many bugs and some unfinished content so expect that some game mechanics might not work as intended. If you’ll find Bugs, glitches or have ideas for improvements please join my discord server or visit my website.


– fixed minimap
– added minimap_preview
– fixed akatsuki shop
– fixed camera bounds (right side)
– fixed ui (time-indicator)
– fixed itachi katon (couldn`t move after it)
– fixed itachi tsukyumi (couldn`t move after it)
– changed the quest log entries
– deactivated many triggers with 0.03 loops
(maybe the FPS should be better now)
– hopefully fixed desync
– removed hero informations at hero selection
(due to desync)
– fixed tooltip of item „striders“:
(inrease => increase)
– fixed tooltip of ability „hiraishin kunai“:
(physycal => physical)
– fixed tooltip of ability „Rasen Senko Cho Rinbuko Sanshiki“:
(teleport => teleports)

NOTE: I did nothing for the items, there will be still bugs or
mistakes, please be aware of it.

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