attack damage:   42 - 45
attack type:   Hero
attack speed:   1.60
armor type:   Metall
basic armor:   3
movement speed:   300

strength:   18 | + 1.60
agility:   9 | + 1.10
icon icon
intelligence:   21 | + 1.80
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"Itachi... It seems that in the end... I'm not so terrible after all."

~ hoshigaki kisame

Kisame Hoshigaki, feared as the Monster of the Hidden Mist, was a shinobi of Kirigakure’s Hoshigaki Clan. After joining the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, he became a S-rank missing-nin and was partnered with Itachi Uchiha when the latter joined Akatsuki.

gender:   icon   male
status:   deceased
affiliation:   icon icon
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Kisame summons some water sharks that attacks nearby enemies. Their main focus will always be heroes, but won't attack all at once if there are more targets.

level 1: Summons 2 sharks. Deals 28 damage per shark, burns 11 mana per shark.
level 2: Summons 3 sharks. Deals 32 damage per shark, burns 22 mana per shark.
level 3: Summons 4 sharks. Deals 36 damage per shark, burns 33 mana per shark.
level 4: Summons 5 sharks. Deals 40 damage per shark, burns 44 mana per shark.

manacost: 90 / 110 / 130 / 150
casttime: 0.20 seconds
castrange: /
cooldown: 12 seconds

Kisame summons a huge shark that goes to the selected direction dealing damage on its path till it reaches the max range. Affected units are stuck for few seconds.

level 1: Deals 75 damage per second, lasts for 1.5 seconds.
level 2: Deals 80 damage per second, lasts for 2.0 seconds.
level 3: Deals 85 damage per second, lasts for 2.5 seconds.
level 4: Deals 90 damage per second, lasts for 3.0 seconds.

manacost: 70 / 90 / 110 / 130
casttime: 0.30 seconds
castrange: 700
cooldown: 14 seconds

Every time someone casts a skill near kisame he's healed for each point of mana used by the caster. If an enemy targets him with a skill, the caster takes damage. It's trigged by kisame skills.

level 1: Heals 0.4 HP per each point of Mana, Deals 40 damage to enemies that cast skills on him.
level 2: Heals 0.5 HP per each point of Mana, Deals 60 damage to enemies that cast skills on him.
level 3: Heals 0.5 HP per each point of Mana, Deals 60 damage to enemies that cast skills on him.
level 4: Heals 0.7 HP per each point of Mana, Deals 100 damage to enemies that cast skills on him.

Kisame fuses himself with samehada and creates a water dome that slows enemies within 550 radius and increases attack speed of allies. your attack type changes to magical.

level 1: Slows by 30%, Increases AS by 40. Lasts 6 seconds.
level 2: Slows by 40%, Increases AS by 50. Lasts 7 seconds.
level 3: Slows by 50%, Increases AS by 60. Lasts 8 seconds.

manacost: 150 / 250 / 350
casttime: 0.10 seconds
castrange: /
cooldown: 100 / 90 / 80 seconds
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