attack damage:   38 - 41
attack type:   Hero
attack speed:   1.20
armor type:   Metall
basic armor:   3
movement speed:   320

strength:   16 | + 1.40
icon icon
agility:   21 | + 2.10
intelligence:   11 | + 1.00
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~ ameruyi ringo

Ameyuri Ringo was a kunoichi from Kirigakure and one of the members of the previous generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

gender:   icon   female
status:   deceased
affiliation:   icon icon

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Ameyuri, like all members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen is skilled at the use of Silent Killing. Her variation incorporates her twin blades and their ability to generate lightning.
Upon use Ameyuri gains the buff Silent Killing: Kiba Variation. Silent Killing: Kiba Variation grants Ameyuri Invisibility and a % bonus of movementspeed. Her first attack will deal a bonus extra% damage while purging any buffs on the target.

level 1: Silent Killing: Ameyuri Variation lasts for 8 seconds; +8% movementspeed; deals extra 100% on first hit.
level 2: Silent Killing: Ameyuri Variation lasts for 10 seconds; +12% movementspeed; deals extra 125% on first hit.
level 3: Silent Killing: Ameyuri Variation lasts for 12 seconds; +16% movementspeed; deals extra 150% on first hit.
level 4: S Silent Killing: Ameyuri Variation lasts for 14 seconds; +20% movementspeed; deals extra 175% on first hit.

manacost: 100
casttime: instant
castrange: /
cooldown: 30 / 25 / 20 / 15

Ameyuri wields the Kiba swords that possess the ability to cut through anything.
Once leveled Ameyuri's attacks bypass X armor of the target unit.

level 1: Ignores up to 1 armor.
level 2: Ignores up to 2 armor.
level 3: Ignores up to 4 armor.
level 4: Ignores up to 6 armor.

manacost: /
casttime: /
castrange: /
cooldown: /

Ameyuri spins at her location dealing damage and launching nearby units into the air, dealing damage as they hit the ground.
Ameyuri spins launching nearby units into the air for 1 second (disrupts channeling abilities).

level 1: Deals an initial 50 magic damage; units take 40 physical damage once they fall.
level 2: Deals an initial 80 magic damage; units take 70 physical damage once they fall.
level 3: Deals an initial 110 magic damage; units take 100 physical damage once they fall.
level 4: Deals an initial 140 magic damage; units take 130 physical damage once they fall.

manacost: 85 / 100 / 115 / 130
casttime: instant
castrange: /
cooldown: 14

Ameyuri is able to attract a lightning storm that deals damage to random units around her. Lightning Rod deals pure damage to a random X units near Ameyuri every 0.50 seconds.
400 AOE.

level 1: Lightning Rod lasts for 5.0 seconds; hits up to 2 units; deals 15 pure damage.
level 2: Lightning Rod lasts for 7.5 seconds; hits up to 3 units; deals 25 pure damage.
level 3: Lightning Rod lasts for 10.0 seconds; hits up to 4 units; deals 35 pure damage.

manacost: 150
casttime: instant
castrange: /
cooldown: 90
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