NSAW got its unique towers for the akatsuki side! After a lot of thinking and drawn concepts, I managed to come up with quite an interesting idea for the akatsuki towers. The idea is a as follow, a divide god tree rank, that soaks the life of a zetsu to keep itself alive. It also attacks with bijudamas!

I showed this concept to my helper “Magara” and asked him, if he could make me this kind of model. After a few adjustments, he created the tower. I was really happy to see my concept being realized. We talked a lot about the animations magara would add and after a few days the tower was finished. I present to you…. the new akatsuki tower!

One of my dreams has become true. An own website! I had a lot of other sections on other forums, like “The Hiveworkshop” and “Chaosrealm”. Those sections did a good work, but the bad side was that I depended on others. I started doing a website on “Wix” for around 1 month, but then I got a new job, that was also my dream job. With that, I started learning how to program a Professional website with WordPress, so I started like 6 months ago and have finally finished it. At first I did it secretly together with modding the map, but I realized I couldn’t keep it a secret. So I showed it to my friends and a few number of people on my NSAW Discord, and they were stunned.

I will use this website to show the general and latest progress of the map, new models and new characters. I will offer all the resources I’m using as a free download. You can see all the characters playable on the map with all the informations you need. You can also check all items available and some hero builds. I’m really proud of this website and hope that you like it as well. Have fun!