"the best naruto mod for warcraft"

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Enter the Narutoverse with your friends and fight to victory!


beautiful terrain

Jump into the game and explore the beautiful and detailed terrain of the map. It goes from a magnificent and lively forest on the Konoha side to a hot, dry and lifeless desert on the Akatsuki side. On which side do you wanna play? Choose yourself!

unique heroes

The main focus on NSAW lies within the gameplay. NSAW'S heroes are well balanced for every player and there is no pay to win content. That means every hero is fully playable for everyone and no heroes are locked behind a password or specific name.

unique items

One of the most exciting characteristics of this map are the creative items. From heavy buff items to small but important game changing ones. The variety of the items in this map is gigantic, go ahead and find the best build for your hero.